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Welcome to YourMusculoskeletal Specialist

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge base on how the body works, or even if you’re just interested in finding out how to ‘make it better’, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to provide remedial therapeutic services to all..

  • Mission

    That everyone we meet receives the BEST we can offer, whether it be in the clinic, in the classroom or any health care setting in the world..
  • Vision

    That everyone we touch is entitled to feel safe, secure and recognize that we have their total interest at HEART.


We thrive on the ideal of providing the best service of care to our clients and patients. We specialise in the following treatments and therapies.

Remedial Massage

Manipulates the soft tissues of the body – and influences movement – to produce a specific therapeutic effect.



Musculoskeletal Therapy

Designed to treat the muscles and skeletal system using various soft tissue and mobilization (not manipulative) techniques.


Kids' Massage

A complementary and alternative treatment that uses massage therapy – the manual manipulation of soft tissue to promote health and well-being – for children and adolescents.

Pregnancy Massage

The three stages of pregnancy and their related characteristics are each uniquely addressed by the therapist.




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A variety of eBooks are available, covering musculoskeletal and remedial therapy, as well as reference material dealing with specific conditions. The Chapmans Reflexes course manual is also available for those wanting to extend their skill set in this area.

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Read what past musculoskeletal and remedial therapy clients have said about us, as well as Chapmans Reflexes course attendees.

Hi Paula, I had to let you know that Harry has just rung me from training so happy. He has had the best training session for two weeks. All his tightness seems to have disappeared. Thank you so much for this afternoon. It really has made such a difference.

Mother of a child Patient

Hi Paula, I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great weekend – I had so much fun and learnt a lot too! Successfully treated an UCS combined with a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome today. Patient walked out the door with no arm referral and no stiff neck


It was a great weekend and I learnt heaps and my body feels more grounded and flexible in my yoga practice now. I will continue to work on my own body and through that will see ways of integrating it into my classes. Once again, thanks – it was all I hoped it would be.

Cheryl Williams

I have been so interested in the Chapman’s reflexes and was thrilled that I could purchase it. I have tried some of the moves with great results.I only have a small practice as I’m semi-retired and this manual is going to make life easier for my clients and myself.

Linda Palmer

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