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Brisbane: 2-day Workshop

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  • Face-to-face Workshop in Brisbane
  • 2-day hands-on learning
  • Check the date & venue in the description

$435.00$660.00 (inc GST)


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Chapman’s Reflexes 2-day Hands-on Workshop

This course is now running as a two day fully intensive where we will understand how defence patterns will directly affect the autonomic nervous system and the lymphatic system is compromised. Research into the links between these systems and the dulling of our neurolymphatic points defines how we will assess and facilitate the reflex nervous system. On completion of this two-day event, you will leave with some assessment tools, state of the art treatment skills, post-treatment strengthening guidelines and really happy clients. We will look at Myers Anatomy Trains, links with Janda’s upper and lower cross syndromes and our functional posterior and lateral slings.  Provides immediate postural benefits and value for pain management and musculoskeletal alignment.

An absolutely ‘must have’ tool in the therapists’ treatment options.


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Time Zone Date Time
AEST       July 29 to July 30 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Country Address Map
Australia Q Academy, 100 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia Show location on map

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  1. Tracey Coombes

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Brisbane training course with Paula. Paula has far more knowledge than she is able to impart in one short weekend. I have subscribed to Paula’s YouTube so I can keep up to date with any new videos and I also follow her Facebook page and try to attend her live sessions. I would love to attend another Chapman’s workshop with Paula when work permits. The workshops are educational, exciting with lots of hands-on practical experiences, giving you wonderful new tools for your muscle therapy tool kit. Thank you Paula. 💪 👍

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Module 1: Virtual Workshop

$66.00 (inc GST)
(5 Reviews)
  • Customised unique treatment order
  • Learn better ways to treat short hamstrings
  • Best progressive exercise never taught in college

Brisbane: 2-day Workshop

$435.00$660.00 (inc GST)
(1 Review)
  • Face-to-face Workshop in Brisbane
  • 2-day hands-on learning
  • Check the date & venue in the description

Perth: 1-day Masterclass

$324.50 (inc GST)
(0 Reviews)
  • Face-to-face Workshop in Perth
  • 1-day hands-on learning
  • Check the date & venue in the description

Module 2: Virtual Workshop

$66.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)
  • Apply Chapmans Reflexes, MET, MFR and the ULTIMATE treatment technique
  • Learn the Balancing Act between Agonists and Antagonists
  • Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Tilts and Torsions, SIJ issues, Up-Slips, Disc Injury, Referral Pain Syndromes

Module 5: Virtual Workshop

$66.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)
  • Unravel many pathologies of leg pain, myofascial pain syndromes, athlete overuse injuries
  • Tricks to Normalise any Restrictions in the Posterior Knee
  • Learn clever ways to mobilise Ankle and Foot joints, Tibia-Fibula Imbalance, MFR, MET

Module 3: Virtual Workshop

$66.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)
  • Thoracic and Rib Pain and Restriction, Dowagers Hump
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome of the Upper Body and Arms, Tendinopathies, Tears, Rotator Cuff Imbalances
  • Functional Back and Spiral Lines using Chapmans Reflexes, MFR, MET, Joint Mobilization

Module 4: Virtual Workshop

$66.00 (inc GST)
(4 Reviews)
  • DISCOVER ways to effectively treat issues related to Pelvic floor
  • Chapmans Reflexes, super-effective pelvic floor and TA exercises
  • Reduce Tinnitus, Headaches, Jaw Pain, Vertigo, Incontinence, Night Grinding
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