Practical application straight away

What we cover?

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Lower Back

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Assessing #101 – fast track your assessment protocol to get more time treating

Strength testing – simply the best stuff you should have learnt in college

Anatomy Train connections – yep the hip bone really IS connected to the jaw bone

And WHY these trains NEED to be part of EVERY treatment session

Conditions Addressed

Spend a day learning ways to integrate this modality DIRECTLY into your current treatment regime.

Lower back spasms and lumbo-sacral band aches

Neck pain and wry necks

QL imbalance and pseudo-sciatica


SIJ pain and pelvic torsions

Stiffness in neck ranges (that no one else shows you)

Referral leg pain that isn’t neural

Shoulder pain radiating from the neck

Crappy abs

1st rib conditions (and yep there is a lot of them)

Expert Guidance

We take limited numbers in each course so you get personal, ongoing assessment and active feedback

One Day Masterclass

This will be an extensive one-day workshop, generally on weekends. Book a ticket for the city near you

Limited Seats

Book your ticket as soon as you can as we keep a limit on the number of seats per masterclass. Better hurry than sorry!

We keep on adding tickets for new cities as and when the logistics are finalised. Keep a watch on this space to book a ticket in future, if your city is not included in the list.

If you want Paula Nutting to conduct a hands-on workshop in your city, feel free to contact her with the details.


COVID-19 Notice

Due to the ongoing risk from COVID-19, all live workshop dates are subject to change. We do our best to make sure workshops are delivered safely for all participants, but case numbers and border closures may require that we postpone events from time to time. We will always aim to inform participants as soon as possible and allow for either re-booking or refunds.

1-Day Hands-on Masterclass Tickets 2022

Perth: 1-day Masterclass

$324.50 (inc GST)
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Melbourne: 1-day Masterclass

$295.00 (inc GST)
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