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As I teach seminars throughout the world, it is an honor to cross paths with other leading educators in the Manual Therapy Profession. Through those opportunities, we share ideas and information that will enhance the careers of the many therapists we educate. I have had the opportunity to spend personal time with Paula at national conferences both in Australia in in various parts of Canada. In those visits it was a pleasure to talk about ideas around the latest research in our industry, up to date manual therapy techniques, and how pioneers such as ourselves have a passion to put what we know into usable formats for all those therapists that attend our seminars. It is an honor to call Paula a friend and an admired colleague. Keep up the great work Paula, and I hope our paths cross again soon as we travel the globe to make a difference in this world.

James Waslaski
Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage

Hi Paula, I had to let you know that Harry has just rung me from training so happy. He has had the best training session for two weeks. All his tightness seems to have disappeared. Thank you so much for this afternoon. It really has made such a difference.

Mother of a child Patient

Hi Paula, I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great weekend – I had so much fun and learnt a lot too! Successfully treated an UCS combined with a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome today. Patient walked out the door with no arm referral and no stiff neck


It was a great weekend and I learnt heaps and my body feels more grounded and flexible in my yoga practice now. I will continue to work on my own body and through that will see ways of integrating it into my classes. Once again, thanks – it was all I hoped it would be.

Cheryl Williams

I have been so interested in the Chapman’s reflexes and was thrilled that I could purchase it. I have tried some of the moves with great results.I only have a small practice as I’m semi-retired and this manual is going to make life easier for my clients and myself.

Linda Palmer

We have been researching the Chapmans Reflex Points and using them for a number of months with our patients. We have been very excited by the results our patients have been having with improved diaphragmatic breathing, muscle activation, and decreased pain. These techniques are invaluable as it gives the patient control in their care, healing, general well being. We have been impressed with the improvement our patients have been achieving since introducing the Chapmans Reflex Points early on in our treatments.

Sabrina Royster
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Hi Paula, thank you for helping me out with my shoulder and arm pain. i had pins and needles for 9months.two visits to your practice and i am all good. Your skill sets with my problem were fantastic.

Rodney Bell

Paula Nutting – I’ve seen some of your class videos and your teaching approaches are unsurpassed in excellence. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dr Michael Koplan

I highly recommend Paula’s 2 day workshop on Chapman’s Reflexes and any other training she might offer. I first watched Paula in action at a soft tissue conference and was impressed with the results from her application of the Chapman’s reflex points and related muscle energy techniques, particularly when I was the recipient. I then followed up by attending the 2 day workshop and buying the DVD training series, all of which have provided extremely useful strategies to add to my repertoire as a soft tissue therapist. Paula imparts her knowledge with enthusiasm and dynamic practical application, making learning a real pleasure. With practice, these soft tissue techniques are surprisingly effective, simple and brief, and the related assessments demonstrate the difference they make. The training I have done through Paula has provided me with invaluable knowledge and techniques that compliment my work as an occupational therapist specialising in soft tissue injury and pain management.

Linda Mason

Paula is one of my favourites go to resources for #learning and education. Her expertise on #musculoskeletal conditions and #Chapmans Points are complete game changers. I use her work every day in clinical practice and my patients love it. I wholeheartedly recommend her program and resources to anyone.

Dr Perry Nickelston
Stop Chasing Pain

Paula’s knowledge and experience with the use of chapman reflexes are invaluable for my profession as a fitness trainer. The information garnered from her course enables improvement in strength, as well as management in ailments and pains. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about client results. She is a great teacher, and a very nice person too!

Jen Li Sheng

Hi Paula Thanks again for a great weekend. I’ve just completed my first full appointment using CRA skills. It was AWESOME! The guy had a gift certificate and I hadn’t seen him before, so he had no expectations. He has LCS/corresponding weak contra-lats, TPs in infraspinatus, strong abs, weak Gluts, shocking psoas and could’t stand on either leg without huge wobble. (His description: “I’m really sore in my shoulders (esp R) and have these really sore points in ‘my hips’ (pointing at gluts) – it feels like one leg is longer than the other…” He walked out of here breathing better, stable on one leg, strong gluts, feeling “fantastic” and with some breathing and clams to keep him going this week. thanks heaps for being so generous with your knowledge and skills.

Geof Webb

Going into the Chapmans Reflexes course with Paula Nutting I didn’t quite know what to expect, I had done no research and was prepared to take whatever the day threw at me. Learning the reflex points and with hands on practice I was truly amazed at the results gained by my colleague, and the results and changes to my own muscular firing patterns and the new found ease and strength throughout my body when I had my treatment. The overwhelming feeling of change in my body after the first day of the course was dizzying.

Since the course, I have been practicing the Chapmans Reflexes on my clients and they are also startled at the change they feel, they leave my practice with an air of lightness about them.

I highly recommend the Chapmans Reflexes course to all body work practitioners and would happily attend another seminar, Paula is easy going and informative practitioner, she takes time to explain the concepts and guides you patiently through your training. She also is happy to assist with follow-up questions post course. I can not thank Paula enough for passing on her knowledge to me through the seminar and afterward.

If you are looking for another tool to put in your therapy tool box, jump on board the Chapmans Reflexes training!

Louise Campbell

I’ve just completed the Chapman’s Reflex course with Paula and can’t wait to start implementing the many techniques I have learnt.  I have scoliosis and have noticed as I’ve aged that it is affecting me a lot more, especially as a massage therapist.  Paula has shown me how to release my pelvis and glutes so that now I can feel I am walking more upright and pain free!!  It has also worked wonders with my digestive system.  Looking forward to learning much more with Paula.

Margot James
Essences of Aloha

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