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Proof is always best from another source and this is only a VERY SMALL selection of POSITIVE comments from both clients and therapists.

Stories from Our Happy Clients

Hi Paula, Hope this finds you well. I thought it was timely to let you know once again my thoughts of the Chapmans Reflex Course I attended back in August in Newcastle this and the subsequent successes I have treating my clients with Chapman’s. The Chapmans Reflex Course is brilliant! Without a doubt, it is a course that every massage therapist should undertake! The course was wonderfully presented and the treatment demonstrations were easy to follow. The manual and DVDs are a magnificent reference. Probably the most valuable tool I took away from the course and now use with majority of my clients, both in the physio clinic I work at and with my own private clients, is the core breathing assessment/exercise. Wow, how good is it!!!! Since introducing this little technique into my treatments, the response from my clients has been nothing short of outstanding with majority continuing to practice it at home! Here is the reply I got back today from a new client (42 yr old female, Crossfit athlete & highly stressed (Firefighter)), who I saw on Monday and following up on how she is feeling (performed the core breathing technique with her). She’s rebooked to see me this Monday……… “Hey Mick, I am really well. I have been pain free since I left you on Monday. I can’t remember ever being pain free!! I’ll see you on Monday ? ” And this is only one of many testimonials & feedbacks I have recently received from both my regular and new clients, and I put it all down to the Chapman’s Reflex Course! I am a such a strong advocate of the Chapman’s now, I rave about it to everyone, both clients & other therapists!!! Keep up the great work Paula & have an awesome weekend.
– Mick Kranendonk
As I teach seminars throughout the world, it is an honor to cross paths with other leading educators in the Manual Therapy Profession. Through those opportunities, we share ideas and information that will enhance the careers of the many therapists we educate. I have had the opportunity to spend personal time with Paula at national conferences both in Australia in in various parts of Canada. In those visits it was a pleasure to talk about ideas around the latest research in our industry, up to date manual therapy techniques, and how pioneers such as ourselves have a passion to put what we know into usable formats for all those therapists that attend our seminars. It is an honor to call Paula a friend and an admired colleague. Keep up the great work Paula, and I hope our paths cross again soon as we travel the globe to make a difference in this world.
– James Waslaski
Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage
I really enjoyed reading the manual and was delighted to see immediate results on myself as a guinea pig and even more delighted to achieve results with the light and vigorous technique, rather than Douglas’ painful way! Much happier to apply this method to patients – I just haven’t been happy applying more pain to someone already seeking help for their pain! Glad to have seen good results with QL on the iliac crest, & release of Abdo tension and improved gut activity with the psoas point around the navel.
– Catherine

How did we like the course? How quickly did the treatment work?

We chat to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Myotherapists, Remedial Massage therapists, Exercise Physiologists and clients’ on video to find out what they thought during the courses or after treatment sessions.

Hi Paula, I had to let you know that Harry has just rung me from training so happy. He has had the best training session for two weeks. All his tightness seems to have disappeared. Thank you so much for this afternoon. It really has made such a difference.
– Jane
Mother of a child patient

Hi Paula, I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great weekend – I had so much fun and learnt a lot too! Successfully treated an UCS combined with a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome today. Patient walked out the door with no arm referral and no stiff neck.
– Steve
It was a great weekend and I learnt heaps and my body feels more grounded and flexible in my yoga practice now. I will continue to work on my own body and through that will see ways of integrating it into my classes. Once again, thanks – it was all I hoped it would be.
– Cheryl Williams
I have been so interested in the Chapman’s reflexes and was thrilled that I could purchase it. I have tried some of the moves with great results.I only have a small practice as I’m semi-retired and this manual is going to make life easier for my clients and myself.
– Linda Palmer
What a weekend we have just had! I got straight into it Monday and Tuesday – have to say clients have been very pleased with great results and even I was impressed.

Here are my share stories:

Client1 – complex medical history including transplant with chronic pain and fatigue. Chronic Shoulder restrictions/pain and Hip pain unresolved with physio for weeks and mainstream medical – walked out no pain and gained smooth shoulder flexion to 120 degrees. Texted next day – slept well still no pain ecstatic!

Client 2 Young athletic woman chronic shoulder pronation chin poke with neck pain. Presented with coccygeal and low back pain and the usual shoulders /neck. Happy guinea pig – flattest shoulders with increase strength and comfort she and I have seen for a couple of years. No back pain and coccyx not throbbing. Sat comfortably – all unresolved by the physio, medical, and me in the past. Did not go near neck as she will be traveling.

Client 3: Young new mum- back and shoulder pain – lifting feeding etc. Torsion with an apparent short leg to 20 cm. Applied the magic along with other techniques to have her walk out ‘feeling fabulous/light/ so much better…) leg length equal and hips assessed and felt to the client balanced and level.
– Nicky S

We have been researching the Chapmans Reflex Points and using them for a number of months with our patients. We have been very excited by the results our patients have been having with improved diaphragmatic breathing, muscle activation, and decreased pain. These techniques are invaluable as it gives the patient control in their care, healing, general well being. We have been impressed with the improvement our patients have been achieving since introducing the Chapmans Reflex Points early on in our treatments.
– Sabrina Royster
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
It was still by far and away the best course I have been to, and I have already incorporated it into quite a few treatments with great results already.
– Jared
Paula Nutting – I’ve seen some of your class videos and your teaching approaches are unsurpassed in excellence. I would recommend them to anyone.
– Dr Michael Koplan

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