Virtual Course – Module 3 (VIP)


Prerequisites: You must complete Module 1 and Module 2 before completing this module.


Registrants Timezone Date Time
US and Canada Brisbane, Australia November 26, 2021 8:30AM - 11:30AM
Pacific Standard Time (PST) November 25, 2021 3:30PM - 6:30PM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) November 25, 2021 6:30PM - 9:30PM
UK and Europe Brisbane, Australia February 7, 2022 7:00PM - 10:00PM
British Standard Time (BST) February 7, 2022 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Central European Standard Time (CEST) February 7, 2022 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Module 3 – Upper body and shoulders: This module unravels painful conditions including thoracic and rib pain and restriction, dowagers hump, myofascial pain syndrome of the upper body and arms, tendinopathies, tears, rotator cuff imbalances. Treating fascial lines including the Functional back and Spiral lines using Chapmans Reflexes, MFR, MET, joint mobilization and including progressive exercises that I GUARANTEE your clients/patients will HAPPILY do because these actually STOP the PAIN when they do them.

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Basic, VIP


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