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Lower back problems unraveled in this DVD/CD box set. You will be guided through assessment that us manual therapists use in a more practical sense. What we see, hear and feel in the clinic and then how to decide what is the best treatment option. Lumbar MET is one of the most important skills you need to get right and the neural power to the muscles and fascia via the neurolymphatic system. All explained in this manual and then 9 videos showing you how to stabilize the lower back using MET, Chapmans Reflexes, low load muscle activation and more…


Treatment Order And Why

Many therapists have great palpation skills yet do not always get great outcomes. We see clients with lower back pain all the time so should learn how to treat them. Lower back pain unraveled easily. This lower back set will guide you through amazing techniques you’ve probably not used before. There are times when we treat our clients, but know that the results could have been better. Yet something stopped it from occurring. This will show you that secret!

In my experience it is often down to the order of how we go about things that makes the real difference, and here is some food for thought.  The tricks and techniques I’ve gathered over 20+ years in the industry. Treatment protocol that includes addressing the nervous system, the endocrine system, the lymphatic system and not only muscle/tendon/fascia. You will learn different skills AND be able to apply directly from watching the 9 video’s. Conditions including addressing weak glutes, tight hip flexors, low load exercises to wake up sleepy hip extensors, low load activation techniques and chapmans reflexes for the anterior trunk. These techniques are sure to relieve lower back pain and increase range of movement and will show how to lower back pain can be unraveled easily
Who should read it – anyone who wants to learn how to treat more globally then their counterparts. Or anyone who just wants great outcomes for their clients, which frankly should be all of us.


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