Pregnancy Massage


What is pregnancy massage & why it is different?

The three stages of pregnancy have very specific and unique characteristics and must be dealt with by the therapist in a particular manner. First trimester includes hormone fluxes of extreme amounts, with nausea as a main side effect. Certain points of the body are avoided throughout the journey to child birth as they may stimulate potential uncomfortable side effects. The therapist should be well versed in each stage of your pregnancy and the clinical picture you present with.

The results from a good treatment include relief from

  • 1. Altered body alignment
  • 2. Unstable lower back and hips
  • 3. Nerve pain and pinching around the sacrum
  • 4. Sciatica and lower back pain
  • 5. Pain between the shoulder blades
  • 6. Spasms and cramping
  • 7. Sleep issues and headaches

Why should you add massage into your pregnancy?

Your 9-10-month pregnancy is uniquely different from woman to woman. No two sisters have the same biological and hormonal experiences, and the life that grows within imparts its own special gift of biomechanical stressors. The therapist you choose should be someone that you trust, is highly experienced, and wants to share in your journey.

Massage has validity as a way to cope with the aches, pains and tension your body experiences. We can be part of the process and look after your body’s needs.

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