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Carried out over a period of up to six months, this online program will show you how to identify when stress is the primary cause of the problem. Test for weakness in the major fascial and functional lines of the body and tell when the muscles ‘cheat’. Apply this unique and powerful method in the Chapmans zones and successfully break their presenting conditions. You participate in the course by reading, watching videos and listening to audio content. Confirming your knowledge along the way by filling in module quizzes. Choose Attain your Certificate to Practice with the Gold or Platinum levels and provide video demonstrations for assessment.
The Silver level receives the notes and quizzes + poster; Gold and Platinum levels receive the full package PLUS added to the YMS website “Therapist Directory” so that any clients searching for those specialising in this unique method can find you. The Platinum level offers one FREE face-to-face weekend course, early access to research developments on the Chapmans Reflexes modality, as well as the opportunity to get involved with case studies and clinical trials. All levels will gain access to the dedicated Facebook support group and receive the Chapmans Reflexes downloadable poster. Also earn valuable continued education points.
What you can expect

What amazing information will I see?

Audio Introduction

Listen to what we offer you at each module. Clear information on the region and what is required of you.

History & Purpose

This is the how and why of the actual neurolymphatic point activation. How we became Supercharged Therapists!

Stress Cycle & Hormone

What the big deal about stress is anyway! How to stop the body from making destructive hormones and start to relax and repair (includes video and audio practicum).

Lines of Pull

It’s all about fascia and lymph and nerves. We assess a way no-one else does to get results no one else will. Learn why movement using postural or phasic muscles makes a massive influence of pain.

Detailed Analysis

Breaking down each region in more detail, what groups of muscles work together to provide control and stability. These include the diaphragm and core, many of Myers anatomy trains, the pelvic girdle and connections to lower limbs, scapula mobility and thoracic mobility with upper limb influence and head & neck.

Discussion Forum

Have your say in discussion forum the ‘Chapmans Chatter’ where students can discuss their experiences and ask questions throughout their ONLINE course.

CECs & Certificate

Upon completion the students not only earn valuable CECs, but also receive the credential of Certified Chapmans Reflex Therapist, with a downloadable and printable award.

Strength Tests

Yes Massage Therapists can apply strength tests and this is easy to do when you know what we are looking for. Activate the points for the each regions, read and see how easy it is to do with the written and video demonstrations.
Check how much you learnt


You’ll be required to complete a series of mini quizzes, including true or false and multi-choice questions, on completion of each module. If you choose the Gold or Platinum levels you will also be required to upload a video demonstrating each technique competently and say a few words about the process, what you and your client felt. I will offer positive feedback and help you for each assessment so that you truly master becoming a Supercharged Therapist with Chapmans Reflex Points.


On completion of the program

Past students have access to the ‘Chapmans Chatter’ to continue to see upcoming new research content, case studies for reference as well access to a dedicated Facebook page to facilitate discussion among other students on completion of the course.

Using “The Supercharged Therapist Method” should be long-lasting. To facilitate this, there will be six weekly ONLINE meeting via way of video conferencing software, virtual meeting rooms, and other collaborative technologies up to an hour in length where past-students can log in and discuss topics, ask questions, offer feedback, and anything else to assist you in effectively using and understanding the technique.


The Certificate

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Pricing Plans

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