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Chapmans Reflexes ONLINE and LIVE!! Get that face to face feel in the comfort of your own home or clinic.

Creating a near-identical experience when Paula live zooms into your space and walks you through as she does during the courses.

Have you been looking for ONE type of treatment that provides Measurable ACHIEVABLE & rapid results EVERY time? A new way to directly target the PRIMARY source of the problem by assessing your clients’ nervous system! A technique that can be used SAFELY to all age groups and conditions without fear of post-treatment soreness. One modality that offers home care that patients and clients ACTUALLY do. Well, it’s all RIGHT HERE and really affordable via live streaming.

Module 3 – Upper body and shoulders: This module unravels painful conditions including thoracic and rib pain and restriction, dowagers hump, myofascial pain syndrome of the upper body and arms, tendinopathies, tears, rotator cuff imbalances. Treating fascial lines including the Functional back and Spiral lines using Chapmans Reflexes, MFR, MET, joint mobilization and including progressive exercises that I GUARANTEE your clients/patients will HAPPILY do because these actually STOP the PAIN when they do them.

NOTE: This is a virtual online course which can be attended only once per purchase. In case if you are looking for online self-paced learning then please check out the online courses at https://www.yourmusculoskeletalspecialist.com/chapmans-reflexes-online-courses/