Treating with the bodies fascial trains and nervous system as your primary tissues will have your clients calling you their “Supercharged Therapist”

Discover how to apply this new Modality of Chapmans Reflexes in the comfort of your home or clinic. Chapmans Reflexes Workshops are now available in 5 x 3 hour Virtual Webinars.

Attend these workshops in the comfort of your home or clinic. To receive your Chapmans Reflexes Certificate you need to complete all 5 of the 3 hour modules, please note that Module one is a pre-requisite.

VIP Bundle options

The VIP ticket includes the course, the manuals (all the things that the BASIC member receives)  but additionally, it also adds a STACK of additional extras to the VALUE of well over $900. See below to DISCOVER what you EXTRAS Paula adds to the events!!

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This VIP bundle is for those
excellence and increasing their client database

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Wall Poster

Which is so valuable in your clinic for clients to get validation on why they feel so amazing.
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e-USB Series

You also RECEIVE the e-USB of educational content – the ‘OMG You’re a Pain in the’ series! These are the CREAM OF THE CROP treatment options that I get MOST outcomes from.
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USB with Video

This VIP ticket includes a USB with all of the Chapmans Reflexes demonstrated which means you can keep it easily on your computer to access whenever you need a mental gig!
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30 Minute
Call Session

You get a 30-minute call session with Paula to discuss anything you would like to about the Chapmans Reflexes, complex clients or any general questions.

The value of all these PROFESSIONAL tools is well over $900 but as a VIP bundle, the investment is only $110 / module.

Act now! Limited time sale.

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Virtual Workshop Tickets

These are 5 modules of 3 hour each. You can connect from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

Module 5: Virtual Workshop

$56.00$110.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)

Module 4: Virtual Workshop

$56.00$110.00 (inc GST)
(4 Reviews)

Module 3: Virtual Workshop

$56.00$110.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)

Module 2: Virtual Workshop

$56.00$110.00 (inc GST)
(3 Reviews)

Module 1: Virtual Workshop

$56.00$110.00 (inc GST)
(5 Reviews)

The Certificate

Once you complete all the 5 modules, then you are entitled to a certificate.

Your musculoskeletal specialist certificate with CEC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chapmans Reflexes?

Chapmans Reflexes is a systematic approach for testing and treating injuries, aiding in pain management and delivering the ultimate in client satisfaction. The course has been developed with massage therapists, personal trainers, osteopaths, chiropractors and body workers in mind, who are keen on addressing the ‘whys’ of the problem, not just employing the band-aid, quick-fix approach. The technique stems from a strong background in the nervous system, as well as its links to the lymphatic congestion of muscles and viscera.

Who is Chapmans Reflexes for?

If you’re experiencing stress in your life, whether physical or emotional, we can definitely help you. We can assist in alleviating all musculoskeletal pain, including headaches, back pain, hip or pelvic instability – practically anything muscle or nerve-related with stress as its origin. The treatment also works wonderfully for children and the elderly, as well as sports fanatics and sedentary worker alike. Chapmans Reflexes is also safe to use during most stages of normal pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Chapmans Reflexes for patients?

Patients can benefit from rapid results in pain management, a speedy return to normal strength of affected muscles, and a general feeling of empowerment which uplifts mood and spirit levels. The simple, time-efficient therapy ‘homework’ also offers a sense of regained control over their progress.

What are the benefits of Chapmans Reflexes for therapists?

Therapists can benefit from immediately reduced stress on the hands and thumbs. The assessment and treatment are easy to learn, understand and apply, while the therapy is quick and efficient, so it blends in well with many other modalities already used. Also, benefit from a growing client database due to the increase in customer referrals and higher-income streams stemming from treating more clients daily. Compliancy rates are good, too, as patients will find their therapy ‘homework’ a quick and easy affair.


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