This MODALITY is accredited by associations around the world and now offered online AND here for you NOW.

Chapmans Reflexes Silver Course

$217.90 (inc GST)
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Chapmans Reflexes Gold Course

$434.50 (inc GST)
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Chapmans Reflexes Platinum Course

$654.50 (inc GST)
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  • Platinum

    • 6 Module Online Course
    • Module Videos, Audio and Quizzes
    • Email support for LIFE!
    • Your own Private Facebook Group with individual Zoom links quarterly
    • Certificate of Accreditation
    • Poster Soft Copy
    • Physical Assessment Assistance
    • Video Demonstration Assistance
    • Continued Education Points
    • Top Listing in your Unique Therapists Directory
    • Chapmans Manual Audio Book
    • One-On-One Assistance
    • Early access to Research
    • Opportunity to involve with case studies, clinical trials
    • FREE ticket to one hands-on 2-day workshop
  • Gold

    • 6 Module Online Course
    • Module Videos, Audio and Quizzes
    • Email support with Greater Access than the Silver option
    • Your own Private Facebook Group with links to New Clinical Work
    • Certificate of Accreditation
    • Poster Soft Copy
    • Physical Assessment Assistance
    • Video Demonstration Assistance
    • Continued Education Points
    • Unique Therapists Directory to Promote  your Clinic
    • Chapmans Manual Audio Book
    • One on One Assistance
    • Early access to Research
    • Opportunity to involve with case studies, clinical trials
    • FREE ticket to one hands-on 2-day workshop
  • Silver

    • 6 Module Online Course
    • Module videos, audio and quizzes
    • Email support at the touch of a finger
    • Your own Private Facebook Group
    • Certificate of Accreditation
    • Poster Soft Copy
    • Physical assessments
    • Video demonstrations
    • Continued Education Points
    • Therapists Directory
    • Chapmans Manual Audio Book
    • One-On-One Assistance
    • Early access to Research
    • Opportunity to involve with case studies, clinical trials
    • FREE ticket to one hands-on 2-day workshop
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Master Syndromes

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24 Hour Assistance

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No Rush to Complete

The majority of therapists nail these courses over six months, but extensions are available.

They then become so uniquely brilliant at addressing muscle pain, joint stiffness and referral patterns that they turn into the therapist people travel miles to see.

Learning the hidden gems in this online program will show you how to

  • identify when stress is the primary cause of the problem
  • identify what specific tests should be done and which ones are a USELESS waste of your valuable time
  • Apply techniques that have been researched and tested to make the BIGGEST changes to pain, weakness and stability
  • Be gifted with small, powerful instructions for you and your client/patient to use, that neither of you will EVER forget!
  • You participate in the course by reading, playing, watching videos and listening to audio content.
  • We check your progress to make sure you are AWESOME before you move on, with easy to apply open-book quizzes.
  • If you need CEC’s – select Gold or Platinum; that means I spend more time with you at ZERO added costs.

Our Silver level is for those doubtful Thomas’s and “non commitment” types of therapists. You get the notes and quizzes + poster but if you don’t put out with assessments, you don’t get the Pot Of Gold at the end of the rainbow;

Gold and Platinum levels receive the full package PLUS added to the YMS website “Therapist Directory” to show your expertise and get recognized for your efforts. People in pain searching for help WILL find you and can connect with you here.

The Platinum level offers one FREE face-to-face weekend course or the 5 Module VIRTUAL Course as part of the package. You get early access to research developments on the Chapmans Reflexes modality, as well as the opportunity to get involved with case studies and clinical trials.

All levels will gain access to the dedicated Facebook support group and receive the Chapmans Reflexes downloadable poster and Certificate that you can parade on your clinic walls.

What changes are you likely to see?

The GLUTES are your power drivers for the hips into extension.

Truth – they can become amnesic and change how the lower back and connections to the lower limbs are affected.

Truth – crappy glutes WILL eventually create back pain with referral patterns.

Truth – the work you’ll learn 100% of the time improves the strength of the gluteals AND reduces the pain syndromes associated with the weakness.

Fact – stimulating the neurolymphatic reflex arcs in the body make MASSIVE positive changes each and every session.

Is this course right for me?

Heads up Remedial massage therapists, Myotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, Exercise Physiologists and anyone wanting a MASSIVE injection of RESULTS at the SOURCE.

Stop bashing your heads against a brick wall.

Seriously STOP!!

Use this unique though age-long way to discover the primary muscles and fascial trains originating the dysfunction.

Get REAL results and not weak vanilla treatments that have the pain creep back into your client/patient.

Originated by Osteopath Frank Chapman, modulated by George Goodheart and now taking into the areas of muscle imbalance from anxiety and stress.

We see changes to each crippled defensive body that STAY strong.

You can too!

photo of wendy together with me smiling

Have patients/clients want to follow you for life!

If I got a nickel for every patient that said “I will follow you to the end of the Earth” I’d be a rich woman.

You have an opportunity to have this happen to you.

Even after the 1st Module, you’ll see RAPID POSITIVE effects in pain management.

Clients referring friends and family almost overnight suddenly become your greatest marketing resource.

Just brilliant!!

You’ve found the Genie in the Bottle!

Finally something that integrates into what you are doing now.

Has a global approach working with the fascial meridians as a guide, neurolymphatic reflexes (sounds a lot but it’s where we are heading folks!) and a simple combination of stimulating reflexes or applying NMT manoeuvers to create strong, healthy, buoyant muscles, joints and fascia.

All the while still blending in your own signature techniques that you know and love.

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Enroll in the Chapmans Reflexes Online Course below

Chapmans Reflexes Silver Course

$217.90 (inc GST)
(0 Reviews)

Chapmans Reflexes Gold Course

$434.50 (inc GST)
(2 Reviews)

Chapmans Reflexes Platinum Course

$654.50 (inc GST)
(1 Review)

Who The Hell Is Paula Nutting Anyway?

A qualified nurse, personal trainer and specialist in remedial massage and musculoskeletal therapy for over 30 years, Paula Nutting – Your Musculoskeletal Specialist (YMS) – brings the success of her established hands-on Chapmans Reflexes workshop to the online arena in the form of a state-of-the-art online program that all therapists can benefit from, regardless of their location.

Paula explains: “Therapists can improve their client/patient outcomes, at the same time lessening the excessive workload that comes with heavy bodywork. The course is all about how to work smarter, not harder, and teaches how to stand apart from competitors.”

“Therapists can enjoy the flexibility to complete the training in the privacy of their own homes at a pace that suits them, saving travel time and money. The premium course also offers ongoing support and feedback options.”

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So What Do I Get For My $$$

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Listening might be your thing.

Can't stand reading? Many people just hate it but LOVE listening to learn. We have set that up in each Module.
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History &

This is the how and why of the actual neurolymphatic point activation. How it has developed and become SO dramatic.
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Links to Professionals

Feel comfortable to ask questions straight away, whether anatomy or application, where here 24/7.
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CECs &

Get valuable CEC's and Certificate of Accreditation when you finish the ONLINE Gold or Platinum courses. Sorry peeps - no CECs for Silver.
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Stress Cycle
& Hormone

What the big deal about stress is anyway! How to stop the body from making destructive hormones and start to relax and repair (includes video and audio practicum).
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Lines of

It’s all about fascia and lymph and nerves. We assess a way no-one else does to get results no one else will. Learn why movement using postural or phasic muscles makes a massive influence of pain.
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Breaking down each region in more detail, what groups of muscles work together to provide control and stability. These include the diaphragm and core, many of our fascial meridians connected to multi-movement in the body, the pelvic girdle and connections to lower limbs, scapula mobility and thoracic mobility with upper limb influence and head & neck.
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Yes Massage Therapists can apply strength tests and this is easy to do when you know what we are looking for. Activate the points for the each regions, read and see how easy it is to do with the written and video demonstrations.


You’ll be required to complete a series of mini-quizzes, including true or false and multi-choice questions, on completion of each module. If you choose the Gold or Platinum levels you will also be required to upload a video demonstrating each technique competently and say a few words about the process, what you and your client felt. I will offer positive feedback and help you with each assessment so that you truly master becoming a Supercharged Therapist with Chapmans Reflex Points.

On completion of the program

Past students have life access to the Chapmans Reflexes Private FB Group where we update new research content, case studies or revise the techniques. We include Webinars to jog the memory and keep you motivated.

You get your own FREE listing on our Website Therapist Directory where you can add and update your details to market that you’re out there.

Be AMAZING and EXCITED to know that you will be someone that clients and patients seek for your wisdom and treatment outcomes.


The Certificate

A sneak-peak into the certificate

Your musculoskeletal specialist certificate with CEC

icon What others have to say about this AMAZING technique.

Paula Nutting – I’ve seen some of your class videos and your teaching approaches are unsurpassed in excellence. I would recommend them to anyone.
Dr Michael Koplan
Rated 5 out of 5
It was still by far and away from the best course I have been to, and I have already incorporated it into quite a few treatments with great results already.
Rated 5 out of 5
We have been researching the Chapmans Reflex Points and using them for a number of months with our patients. We have been very excited by the results our patients have been having with improved diaphragmatic breathing, muscle activation, and decreased
Sabrina Royster
Rated 4.5 out of 5
What a weekend we have just had! I got straight into it Monday and Tuesday – have to say clients have been very pleased with great results and even I was impressed.Here are my share stories:Client 1: Complex medical history
Nicky S
Rated 5 out of 5
I have been so interested in Chapman’s reflexes and was thrilled that I could purchase them. I have tried some of the moves with great results. I only have a small practice as I’m semi-retired and this manual is going
Linda Palmer
Rated 5 out of 5
It was a great weekend and I learnt heaps and my body feels more grounded and flexible in my yoga practice now. I will continue to work on my own body and through that will see ways of integrating it
Cheryl Williams
Rated 5 out of 5

Chapmans Reflexes Silver Course

$217.90 (inc GST)
(0 Reviews)

Chapmans Reflexes Gold Course

$434.50 (inc GST)
(2 Reviews)

Chapmans Reflexes Platinum Course

$654.50 (inc GST)
(1 Review)


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You Do The Course With A MONEY BACK Guarantee – 100% RISK-FREE

Complete the Gold or Platinum online courses. If you don’t LOVE the results, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee.

When I developed the Chapmans Reflexes technique in my practice, I had used so many other techniques and found some excellent, some great, some average and a few with hit and miss results. My patients and clients would get anywhere between hours-to-weeks’ relief from my work, and I had to find something with more consistent outcomes.

That wasn’t good enough for me and nor should it be for you and your clients/patients.

That’s why I developed something that I knew would give some structure to how the body responded to stress, how we could increase strength and how we could reduce pain. I have been running “The Supercharged Therapist Method” TM course, face-to-face, for over ten years, over one- and two-day formats. Those attending include therapists in massage, personal training, myotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, occupational therapy, Pilates, physiotherapy, and sports sciences.

Experienced practitioners and newly accredited students find it amazing and rewarding.

I know the treatment technique works. I am offering the course ONLINE so that more people can have the opportunity to benefit from it as I have. I care about developing super high-quality content, full of easy-to-read material, videos, quizzes, forums and ask me questions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Chapmans Reflexes therapists are using the technique within their current treatment protocol with ease, and their patients/clients are remarking on how the results are so dramatic. I have used this treatment protocol for over ten years, on more than 80 people per month. I have no end of referrals from patients and other practitioners in their quest for positive outcomes in health.

And that’s why I guarantee “The Supercharged Therapist Method”™ online course.

It’s simple: Take the course and see for yourself. If you don’t see the results, I’d like you to email me, show that you did the work and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 180 days, completely covering all six modules in the program.

Try the ENTIRE course. If you can’t see and feel the difference between the weak-versus-strength of the muscles, email me at ANY TIME during the course. Show me your test and treatment, and why you feel you’re not getting positive results. I’ll refund 100% of your course fee. You can even keep the bonus Chapmans Reflexes poster you downloaded – at my expense.

By the way, I ask you to show me you’re doing the tests and treatment because I know how powerful they are when applied. I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied, but I insist that you show me, just in case your results are related to an incorrect application. I want you and your clients/patients to be able to feel the difference in their pain, mobility and stress.

Yours sincerely,

Paula Nutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online education work with Chapmans Reflexes?

We use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver all the currently taught content, course requirements, video instructions and materials. At each step of the way, there is the opportunity for you to use the message board (Chapmans Chatter) to discuss topics, watch the video demonstrations of each assessment, strength test and neurolymphatic stimulation technique, and complete the quizzes attached to each module.

You will also be able to (and required to if doing levels II or III) upload your own assessments and treatments of the individual tests. These will be watched, assessed and fed back on by Paula Nutting personally. If there is a need to correct anything, Paula will interact with you personally via this enhanced learning platform. Paula will also monitor student progress, assess comprehension, and accept student work as part of the Chapmans Reflexes online structure.

Is learning Chapmans Reflexes online as effective as face-to-face instruction?

Learning the technique via online education will not be as kinaesthetic as the face-to-face model. However, the use of the course video instruction, as well as the assessable video content, the capacity to have the hands-on component is effectively dealt with.

Online education may seem relatively new, but years of research suggest that it can be just as effective as traditional coursework and often, more so. According to a U.S. Department of Education analysis of more than 1,000 learning studies, online students tend to outperform classroom-based students across most disciplines and demographics.

Another major review published the same year found that online students had the advantage 70 per cent of the time, a gap that authors projected would only widen as programs and technologies evolve.

While these reports list several plausible reasons as to why students might learn more effectively online – perhaps they have more control over their studies or more opportunities for reflection – the medium is only one of many factors that influences outcomes. Successful online students tend to be organized self-starters who can complete their work without resorting to a traditional classroom.

Do you get the same support as the Chapmans Reflexes face-to-face workshop?

Yes, we will try our best to support you in each and every way possible to make your experience the best.

What technical skills do I need to do the Chapmans Reflexes online?

This online Chapmans Reflexes learning platform is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Intuitive controls, clear instructions, and tutorials to guide you through new tasks are all clear and easy to understand. However, students will still need basic computer skills to access and navigate the platform. These skills include: using a keyboard and a mouse; running computer programs; using the Internet; sending and receiving email; using word processing programs, and using forums and other collaborative tools.

If you are not sure if you have the technical skills, the online skills course and digital literacy curriculum are both FREE resources for improving computer literacy and digital skills.

What technology requirements do I need to do the Chapmans Reflexes course?

For best outcomes, you will need high-speed Internet access, a keyboard and a computer capable of running specified online learning software. If you want to be involved with the ongoing support of voice- or web-conferencing, you will require a webcam and microphone. Be aware that sections of the LMS may not translate across to smart phones, iPhones, etc., which means you will need a laptop, tablet, netbook, or desktop computer as an alternative.

Will six months be long enough for me to complete the Chapmans Reflexes course?

Each module covers an audio content introduction on what to expect. It contains PDF documents that are included for every face-to-face participant. Each module also contains videos of the specific strength and length test, plus the treatment protocol for you to watch as often as you need.

At the end of each module, you will need to complete a short quiz to establish that you have understood the information within, AND submit a video demonstration of the exact process for test and treatment.

Each module should take no longer than a week to watch, read and answer. The time given is to allow you to provide the demonstrations that are required for actual technical assessment. You will need a camera (or someone with a good quality phone), a volunteer to administer the tests and treatment to, and someone to video the process. The verbal content will be required regarding the understanding of the process. The time required would be no longer than an hour for each process in total.


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