Feel CONFIDENT to say your are a Brilliant Therapist?

STOP paying out $$$ on workshops that are impossible to apply in your clinic. Our Mentorship Program is personally designed around what YOU are after. 24 hour access for assistance, big names presenting you FREE content, quarterly catch ups and much more…

This is not a joke! You CAN be that DREAM therapist!

Improve the areas you feel weak in whether it’s setting up a clinic, marketing, rebooking, tricky techniques.

We help you with ALL of them.

Join the Massage Mastery Membership program now to start making those dreams come true, you even might just become that Supercharged Therapist!

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When I spoke to other therapists in the industry, they ALL said the same thing ...

“Since COVID my client load dwindled and I can’t afford to pay big $$$ for weekend courses!!”
I feel all alone with no one to talk to about my own stress and anxiety or tricky clients pathology…
How can I set up the back-end of the business to make my clinic run smoothly?
I’m starting to forget some of the techniques I learnt at college…
I’m bored using the same techniques and would like more options

Who can I ask for help if I get nervous about something new or different I’ve seen?

Take some time to listen to those who are thriving within the Mentorship Portal

and much more…

And when you join The Massage Mastery Mentorship Program you will be able to

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Join a community  all wanting the same thing – to learn, rediscover or refresh your treatment toolbox as a remedial massage therapist

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Master some of the MOST effective modalities available so that your diary is ALWAYS full

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Reduce the feelings of ISOLATION and post COVID ANXIETY,  share space with incredible  remedial massage mentors to help with your questions and concerns

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To get that spring back in your clinical step or to finally feel CONFIDENT in your business

In this program you'll gain access to

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Weekly training videos so you have ongoing education without blowing your budget
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Regular insights from remedial massage industry experts directly into your inbox with EASY ways to get that PERFECT result with your clients
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Your own private Facebook group with support from me and other like-minded therapists at a click of the keyboard

And together we can work towards giving you the excellence and confidence you deserve to become The Supercharged Therapist you deserve to be!

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It kind of feels like you're back in your happy place learning from someone you trust.


  • Your Library of Accessible Fortnightly Newsletters
  • The Chance To Address What Terrifies You
  • Be Mentored As A New or Experienced Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Quarterly Live Catch Ups To Move You Forward.
  • Videos on techniques
  • Research on remedial massage efficacy 
  • Podcasts From Global Leaders in Our Fields

and much more…

Monthly investment AU$ 33.00

Mastery Mentorship Program

$33.00 (inc GST)
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