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Why does poor breathing create back pain??

This quote comes from Erik Daltons latest newsletter about breathing – “A weakened diaphragm causes increased resting tone in upper rib cage muscles such as the scalenes, upper trapezius, levator scapula, and pectorals. The latissimus dorsi, pectoralis...

Stretching as part of Lower Back Pain Strategies

From a presentation I did in Canada and Australia and all about stretching for back management Mobility The ability of the musculoskeletal structures or segments of the body to move or be moved to allow the presence of range of notion for functional activities. The...

ASIS, Weak Glut Med/Min And How To Rectify It

Are you a Model? Do you swagger when you walk? Looking at muscle weakness that cause or create lower back, hips and pelvic conditions. By now you are (or should be) regularly rubbing the base of your skull and around your belly button to activate the larger gluteal...
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