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Get strong abdominals the easy way.

Get strong abdominals the easy way.

Are your abdominals to weak to hold you upright?? Most of our clients’ think about their tummies as things of ‘beauty’. In most cases floppy horrendous things that need either hundreds of sit ups or aggressive surgery. I look at this group of four...

Best Treatment to Manage an Injury of the Knee

A 23 year old active male patient presented to the clinic complaining of pain in the anteromedial region of his right knee which commenced 2- 3 weeks ago. The pain could be reproduced with active standing squats felt when going down into the squat position increasing...

Pelvic floor disasters and ways to improve it.

Are you afraid to laugh or is your pelvic floor a disaster? Statically many women after childbirth are prone to weak bladders. It is actually usually the pelvic muscles around the lower part of the torso that become affected. These include the superficial perineals,...