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Seated Ways to Stretch Your Hamstrings and Glutes

Being an office worker can be a REAL hazard to how your muscles naturally align, how strong they are, and in too many cases how SHORT they can become!! We tend to think of upper body strains e.g. that tight NECK and SHOULDERS but...

The Major Problem About Having Lower Back Pain

The Major Problem About Having Lower Back Pain. Have you ever wondered why your body feels older and achier than you’d like? Recurring lower back pain? Neck pain, headaches or migraines? You think about the things that you have been doing recently and realize that...

Muscle Energy Technique Your Therapist Does For You

Whenever we spend LONG hours at work in front of our computers, we tend to strain our necks. Depending on the position and how long we keep our neck in that same position will determine where your neck will feel worse. In this article, we will talk more about Muscle...
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