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Neck and Shoulder Office Exercise

Even before Covid, people have been prone to spending hours in front of a computer, either for work, school, or even just for entertainment. This is what we are going to fix here by doing some simple neck and shoulder exercises for office workers.  And when we’re in...

Ease Neck Pain with Easy Glides to Muscles in the Front – Your Platysma

This is one of my 3 favourite muscle names in the body – it’s in your neck and it’s called the platysma! First of all, what is the platysma? It is a muscle that begins at the jawline, right at the mandible, and runs down in a fan shape to the superior portion of the...

Why Your Prehistoric Jaw Will Turn Your BUTT Off!

Hi team, I thought we might talk about some stuff that you may NEVER have thought of before. It’s the links that the body has in our myofascial and neural lines of the body, and this is all about the jaw and jaw clenching and its effects on the strength of your...
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Hook Hip Lift

Today, let's focus on hook hip lift!  Do you complain of tight hamstrings or been told you have weakness in your lower back? Do you want to...

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