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Best Pain-Free Subscapularis Massage for Shoulder Pain

How can you shoulder a burden if the burden is your shoulder? Admit it, your shoulders were designed to make every action possible, they adduct, abduct, flex, extend both vertically and horizontally and circumduct which means they can perform tasks as simple as...

Shoulder Injury & Neurolymphatic Point Stimulation: A Case Study

Clinical features This is a shoulder injury and neurolymphatic point stimulation case study.  A 44-year-old healthy female came to me presenting a 5 ½ months-post fall that caused a fracture to her greater tubercle and dislocated the humerus posteriorly. Intervention...

Hips and Backs NEED these TWO Stretches to Resolve Hip and Back Pains

For today’s article, "Hips and Backs NEED these TWO Stretches to Resolve Hip and Back Pains", we talk about all things hips. Particularly interesting are the two stretches that help resolve the common hip and back pains.  This is especially advantageous to those who...
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Hook Hip Lift

Today, let's focus on hook hip lift!  Do you complain of tight hamstrings or been told you have weakness in your lower back? Do you want to...

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