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Sit on it and twist! Well let’s get a great stretch of the upper chest and spine specifically the mid-back. Improve your lung capacity too!

I’ve shown you how to tap or ‘shuzz’ places to wake up the chest and upper back. We rubbed all around the ribs and some people felt an awful lot of tickle and/or tenderness.

Now USE it or LOSE it!!!

To enhance all that effective rubbing means you need to act on it and there’s no better way than getting a good stretch happening. I mean your dog does it, your cat does it so why not you??

You’ve watched the video so the key points are
Sit tall before you start and feel those bum bones secure on the table
Grab securely to the chair so that you can really pull to the end of your thoracic range.
Twist the spine till you feel that you can’t get any further. Don’t overtax this as you will be doing it 3 times in total.
When at the end range sit as tall as you can and hold it for 10 seconds.
Return to center and take a cleansing breath.
Twist a second time as before, now add more to the twist by turning your head to look over the shoulder to the back wall and hold 10 secs.
Return to center and take a cleansing breath.
Last time you turn and find the new twist (which should be further each time), now turn the head and lastly turn your eyes. This should feel like a corkscrew, sit tall and hold for the last 10 seconds.
Return to center and one more cleansing breath.
Lastly BOUNCE through the rest of your wonderful day feeling loose as a goose 🙂

Paula Nutting Director Your Musculoskeletal Specialist
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