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Are your abdominals to weak to hold you upright??

Most of our clients’ think about their tummies as things of ‘beauty’. In most cases floppy horrendous things that need either hundreds of sit ups or aggressive surgery. I look at this group of four abdominals as part of the matrix that:

  1. keeps your body upright,
  2. gives you a safe and strong back,
  3. protector of your abdominal contents
  4. a thing of anatomical beauty

That’s what I am about to share with you in this post “Chapmans Reflexes for the Abdominal Muscles.

They comprise of the large vertical sheath rectus abdominus two diagonal muscles obliques internus and externus and the deep base called the transversus abdominus.

It is impossible to produce a flat belly by using things like the

“ab-blaster” or spending hours doing sit ups and crunches.

More about that in other blog posts. If you don’t have the neural supply to feed these muscles then it is pointless to exercise them and expect great results. We need to have a great connection between the spinal reflex end points and the muscles that they facilitate and that is where muscle strength testing is so beneficial. We have our patient get into a position where we can test the isometric strength of the rectus abdominus and the oblique muscles. Make sure that they are not in to great hip flexion because we want to exclude the hip flexors from performing this strength task. Also fixate their lower limbs so that they have a stable base to contract against.

Presenting you Chapmans Reflexes for the Abdominal Muscles video

The video (Chapmans Reflexes for the Abdominal Muscles) below will guide you through the assessment of whether they are being facilitated in the first instance. It then shows you how and where to ‘shuzz’ to wake those muscles up via the Chapman’s Reflexes.  This region in on the inner upper leg more specifically medial and slightly posterior to the large adductor muscles.

Watch this video above
Don’t forget that the Neurolymphatic Points are simply facilitating the Reflex nerves to supply power to the region, that is why it is quick and super efficient.

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