This month lets focus on water rehabilitation exercises for your clients. 

With Australian weather warming up it now gives us a vehicle to have our clients do work for themselves – in the water. If you are not qualified to teach rehabilitation it should be stated, but you can offer video links, website information and this fits neatly into your scope of practice.

Now we can offer some wonderful, simple and super effective water rehab that will help get your clients shoulders and lower backs strong, functional and hopefully eased or pain-free through movement.

Water is a great medium to use because the benefits of buoyancy mean that the shoulder and upper body are supported with less weight on the region and can slightly limit excess range like a gentle splint. Water also has a greater pressure than air which means that it aids in resistance making the exercises more worthwhile, and it also applies compression reducing the actual inflammation and possible pain relationship of doing exercise.

If you can get your clients to hit the water a few times a week then you should see good improvements, they need to be doing these simple exercises that are all designed to get the shoulder joint moving in its normal ranges and the lower limb musculature working without the undue stress to the lower back. Pulling, pushing, lifting, walking, jumping kicking and so much more that cannot be achieved on land. These movements are the first ones to start with, we can layer up more intensity once we know that there is no nasty residual pain.

Watch this video to get see how we can apply structured movement to the shoulder and rotator cuff.

The second video attached will guide you through a series of movements in the pool that makes the back, abdominals, buttocks and legs all work in a gentle fashion. Your clients’ will get the muscle contractions that they need without the heavy exertion that sometimes can aggravate their condition.

Remember if you want more information on anything I show here then look at my Chapmans Reflexes page

Paula Nutting Director Your Musculoskeletal Specialist
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