Are you afraid to laugh or is your pelvic floor a disaster?

Statically many women after childbirth are prone to weak bladders. It is actually usually the pelvic muscles around the lower part of the torso that become affected. These include the superficial perineals, deep urogential diaphragm layer and the pelvic diaphragm.

There are loads more causes and they include constipation, heavy lifting, chronic coughing, age and obesity. All of these create weakness in the muscles and ligaments that help keep the urethra at it’s best function.

If we apply the necessary Chapman’s Reflex points to stimulate the entire region and give you more control over your bladder control. It assists in creating the link between the nerves and the muscles in that region. If there is a breakdown in the information from the nerves to keep those muscles at their peak performance then we will see that as lack of control of the pelvic structures and muscles. This leads to leakage, embarrassment and to more or lesser degrees – isolation.

Lets test and then treat the region – do this by following these steps.

Pull up your pelvic floor, this means for women pretend to stop passing urine midstream and for the fellas pretend to be sitting on a freezing block of ice.
Hold this contraction for 2-3 seconds and then release it. Remember how it felt.
Now rub your sacral bone with your knuckles for 30 seconds, the sacrum is the flat portion of bone above the tail bone and below the lumbar spine.
Now repeat the contraction of your pelvic floor and feel the difference.

Don’t forget that the Neurolymphatic Points are simply facilitating the Reflex nerves to supply power to the region, that is why it is quick and super efficient.

Paula Nutting Director Your Musculoskeletal Specialist
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