Therapist TM

This week I want to share a 5 step balance program that you (or someone you love) can do daily to help if you/they feel unsteady on your/their feet.

Balance –
It’s all about balance and stability when you lift one leg from the floor, whether it’s walking running, going up or down stairs, even from sitting to standing. The body has small receptors in the joints, eyes and ears (vestibular balance) which tells us which way is up which is so important for balance. These can be damaged by twisting an ankle or getting an inner ear virus OR just simply getting old.

When these proprioceptors become inefficient that’s when we begin to doubt our gait and our sure-footed-ness. Let’s train them to improve so that we become stable in gait, our confidence improves and life feels a little safer.

Start trying to hold each pose for 10 seconds and work up to 30 seconds before moving on. Ultimately you want to stay ‘solid’ for 60 seconds in each of the 5 poses.
1. Stand on one leg,
2. Stand on one leg and move your the head in all directions,
3. Stand on one leg with your eyes half closed,
4. Stand one legged eyes shut, and lastly;
5. Stand one legged eyes shut and moving the head in all directions.

This is an exercise that anyone with an ankle injury should be doing, it is also directed to the elderly to stop the stumbles, falls and injuries.

Watch what to do daily to help you stay balanced and confident in movement both walking and just getting around the house. Practice this because it’s never to early to start, or forward the link to someone you know that may be in need of some balance.