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Did you know that your neck muscles will strain to work harder if your abdominals are weak??

Our lifestyle currently has most of us sitting for hours at a time often in front of a computer. This elevates the shoulders which causes stiffness and generally much less movement of the torso. This lifestyle tends to produce postural slumping and our abdominal muscles become flaccid and slack. Our abdominals need to be part of the continuing kinetic chain of support for the body and they are the yin to the posterior chains yang.


The front connective tissue (fascial layer) is a continuous web that connects most muscles on the front of the body. These bodies of ours are so clever that if one group is asleep then others will take on the extra load. This is the case between the front neck muscles (sternocleidomastoid) and the dysfunctional abdominal group.

By waking up or ‘shuzzing’ these Chapman’s reflex points to strengthen the abdominals and their part of the core, it will vastly improve the stability of the entire anterior chain. Now watch this video so assess if you need to waken up your bellies. Try to get someone to help you do this test or come in and I can check. If you are weak you need to wake the Neurolymphatic points on the inside of your thighs, these are the specific points for the three abdominal muscle groups.

I give this advice especially to those who complain of sore necks linked to doing sit ups or crunches as it is almost 100% true indication of neck muscles working in these exercises. Want to know how to provide this type of work? Then click on this link 

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