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Do you have sciatic nerve pain and did someone tell you if was from your piriformis muscle?

Saying that the piriformis muscle causes back pain is one of the most overused comments I hear and the one most often wrong.

Did you know that the sciatic nerve is directly effected by the Piriformis muscle in up to 70% of people?

When this muscle is ‘out of whack’ it can squeeze the nerve and you get a feeling of nervous pain down to the knee region. If this sounds like you then come and see me.

One of the biggest and easiest corrections is when the back muscle (latissimus dorsi) and the piriformis are not playing happily together. The back muscle gets weak and the butt muscle tight and viola the glut and leg pain is activated.

Watch the video below to see how I test it and how we can treat it. That means you can treat it from home and get relief as well.

I look for ways to resolve potential pseudo-sciatic pain by way of strengthening the back.

Much of your day is consumed with your arms by your sides. This means that the large, flat, powerful back muscle (latissimus dorsi) is short, non-functioning and prone to weakness.

In many of us it means it will shrink and pull tight, this often leads to other muscles working harder to keep you upright and moving. One of these little blighters is your piriformis (strong, little, deep buttock muscle) and when it gets too tight it can squeeze your sciatic nerve – OUCH!!

What can you do about it??
Watch this video.

  • Test how tight your gluts are.
  • Test if you can bring your arms overhead and touch the wall behind you.
  • Do the exercise included once or twice a day.


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