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This is a difficult muscle to self test but simply going from sitting to standing out of your chair will give you an indication.

It’s interesting that the markers for ‘when is it time to pop granny into the nursing home’ seems to revolve around strength and stability. You need to be able to go from sitting to standing without the use of your arms. Seriously – legs are much stronger and the gluteals are the primary driver. If you need to use your arms to push yourself out of the seat then you need to be ‘shuzzing’ at the back of your head where your neck and skull attach. Do it everyday, once or twice, and definitely before you get out of the chair. This will strengthen the gluteals and make the movement easier on the back and knees.

In fact, try this now, if you’re sitting then stand up – sit down – stand up – sit down now RUB the regions where the neurolymphatic points affect the large gluteal muscles. There are two regions one being along the outside of the thighs but just in front of the ITB region and then secondary region is at base of your head/neck which is beneficial for those people who have a lot of stress. We rub these two areas for approximately 30 seconds which is long enough to stimulate the nerve endings that co-inside with the buttock muscles. Get into the base of your hairline, don’t rub hard, just vigorously. Now stand up – sit down – stand up and sit down.

This is the video link so CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE AREAS TO RUB

I bet you noticed the difference. ONE it was easier to get up, TWO you didn’t have to think about the movement at all, THREE if you needed your hands to assist before you certainly didn’t need them that time did you!

Want more information on how to use this kind of treatment in your clinic? The click on this link for more info.

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