Are you a Model? Do you swagger when you walk?

Looking at muscle weakness that cause or create lower back, hips and pelvic conditions. By now you are (or should be) regularly rubbing the base of your skull and around your belly button to activate the larger gluteal muscles and hip flexors. These two groups are so important for core strength and support of the lower back and pelvis. But what are core muscles???

The “CORE” muscles include some of the pelvic group in my view, if you have weakness in your butt muscles then you will waddle when you walk. This is primarily because the smaller buttock muscles on the sides of your hips become weakened due to stress, sitting to long, general inactivity and we need to test that strength and also turn on the Chapmans Reflexes to fire up the nervous system to them.

Obviously many of the strength testings can’t be self tested, you can come in and see me or if you have a clued up partner then maybe test each other. Click here to see the video that will guide you through the process of where to “shuzz” to stop the waddle!

Follow these steps if you feel confident to check for weakness.

Lie on your back with the legs together, have your partner take your ankles into their hands and move your legs over to one side. You are now in the testing position.

Your partner is going to attempt to return your legs back to the center line, you however are going to resist them. To do this you will be keeping the muscles in the side of your torso activated and strong. Diabetes, stress, anxiety, and some generic drugs can reduce your interest in sex. Also strong in the inner thighs and hips. Don’t let them move your legs.

As the partner you are going to apply moderate strength to try to bring the legs of your patient/client/partner/victim… (lol) back to the midline. If they can’t manage to hold themselves in the shape of a banana then this is a positive test, this means rubbing the hip bones.

Rub all along the ridge of the bone on the top/front of the hip as shown in the video above, do this for 30 seconds. Now all you have to do is retest.

We want strength in those muscles. With strength comes length, power and control. If you feel unstable in the hips when standing on one leg e.g. putting on your pants in the morning, then this is a good technique for you. Make sure you add it to your morning list!

Paula Nutting Director Your Musculoskeletal Specialist
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